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Sebastian by order of Ciel and bindings of the contract is literally unable to lie to Ciel about anything. Sebastian admitted to actually trying to murder Ciel. It wasn't a scare tactic, he gave up on Ciel at that point. Say what you want about love or friendship but their relationship exists on narrow terms, and if they want anything real the rest of the series will have to expand on interaction beyond Sebastian building up Ciel to be impressively tortured and morose and prideful.


You see, what your problem is you’re looking at Ciel and Sebastian’s relationship at a base level—a human one. You are a person that probably needs to see Sebastian act the way a human would to show affection, to give you reassurance that he cares for Ciel. Uhh honey, Sebastian is a demon. Sebastian isn’t going to show that he cares for Ciel in a human way. Ciel isn’t going to outwardly show Sebastian he cares either, because of obvious reasons.

However there are little things that are in the manga or anime that show implications of their closeness—now that the Book of Circus is coming out let’s quickly review some cute things they do. I wish to inform you that during the time of this series butlers and masters did not have much contact aside from the daily duties. Sebastian cradles Ciel and pats his back when Ciel is coughing—due to being sick:image

(I hope you’re happy btw, I had to go find that picture in the actual manga)

Do you honestly think if Sebastian and Ciel weren’t close that Ciel would allow that? Don’t give me the BS of “Oh he’s super sick and he needed someone to carry him!”

We all know Ciel’s pride, if he was not close to Sebastian, would fight it the best he could and refuse to be carried. Ciel is putting his pride and image aside for Sebastian, and to make it even more obvious is the fact that people do see him being cradled like this. The Ciel I know would not want to be seen being cradled this way, but he allows it for Sebastian. They even have that adorable stretching scene in the manga! (Which I can’t wait to see animated). Their bodies are touching, there is trust there, there is closeness, it. is. there. As good as my memory is Ciel doesn’t care for anyone touching him except Sebastian—which also proves they’re close. And on Sebastian’s side of this, no one asked him to pick Ciel up and pat his back, no one influenced him to do so, if he didn’t give a shit about Ciel he could easily make him walk all the way back. If you pay attention Sebastian is always doing extra things for Ciel. Sebastian doesn’t only follow what the order is, he provides more to make sure his master is happy. I would assume any normal demon would just do what he had to and be done with it.

Wait just a moment. Didn’t we have a demon like that? Oh that’s right! The infamous season two! Honestly dear, do yourself a favor, watch this season and this will show you what a demon who doesn’t give a shit about his master looks like. Claude only did Alois’ orders to get them done and over with, he was basically bored with serving Alois and his existence in general, not only that but he murdered him in order to steal Ciel’s soul. THAT is what it looks like to not give two shits. You can argue with me that because it’s not in the manga it’s not canon, HOWEVER, that season was under Yana Toboso’s control. (The creator of Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler). Yana Toboso even designed both Alois’ and Claude’s character, so you know that is how this author expresses what it looks like to just have a demon butler without any care or friendship evident.

Anyway back to the chapter we all recently read. You claim that it wasn’t a scare tactic and Sebastian gave up on him. You know what? That is your opinion and I can see why you’d think that way on a surface level. But what if we look deeper? Me, personally, I still believe it was a scare tactic. The reason for that is, 1, this type of situation already happened in the anime—if you want to read it please go to my previous rant it has all the information there. Sebastian apparently “gives up” on Ciel but ends up following him around to make sure he’s safe, but also proving he still had hope in his young master. We will never know what would have happened if Ciel never snapped out of it, what Sebastian would do. Chances are high that he probably would eat him. But again, looking at it and hoping for Sebastian to do something different in a more heart warming way is unrealistic. Sebastian is a demon, yes. Is he heartless? Absolutely not. Does he care for Ciel? Of course. Not in a human way, but in his own. Sebastian dared to do something extreme because he had faith in Ciel snapping out of it. He wanted the old Ciel back. His Ciel.

When Sebastian says: “Mr. Tanaka told me not to take drastic measures so I kept off for a while.” I personally interpreted that as Sebastian was already planning to use a shock tactic to pull Ciel out of it, but Tanaka disagreed. Heck, it should be even more obvious since Sebastian and Tanaka were talking about shock tactics for Ciel in previous chapters! It obviously escalated to the point where Sebastian didn’t want to wait any longer and pull Ciel out of his current state immediately. I believe Sebastian was frustrated with Ciel at the time because of the fact that nothing else was working to get the old Ciel back, he was powerless, so he had to take an extreme measure, also help proving it was probably a scare tactic. That is how I interpreted it, you may think differently and you can continue to argue the fact but I disagree with you.  PLUS DID YOU SEE THEIR SMILES TOWARDS ONE ANOTHER??

Those smiles were genuine, especially Ciel’s. Those smiles towards one another was connection, Ciel’s face was basically saying “thank you” to Sebastian. Ciel is grateful that his butler was able to pull him out of that state, as he even apologizes to his servers for worrying them. Wouldn’t you think if there was no closeness there Ciel would have been pissed, hurt, or something else? He wasn’t! There was a smile of pure gratitude given to his butler. Sebastian, of course, was happy he was successful in retrieving his old master back.

The closeness, love, friendship, whatever you see, is real. The manga doesn’t need to expand on anything. It’s already there, just as I said before, not on a basic human level. You can’t look at it that way because again, it’s unrealistic. Ciel knows what he got himself into, he understands Sebastian is going to eat his soul and he is okay with that! Yana Toboso shows through her writing and illustrations that they are close, there is evidence everywhere—she’s even openly admitted it, and even her entire team can see they have a good relationship. Whether you choose to view that evidence or interpret it differently is none of my concern. I would just like to say I do not understand how you can enjoy the manga or series at all if you do not see some sort of care there. The series is about Sebastian and Ciel. Ciel and Sebastian—their relationship. That’s what it’s about. If you came to me looking for reassurance I hope I was of some help, if you were looking for a compelling argument then I provided you with one, Anon.

I love how the reply is all long and in depth and really talks about their characteristics when tbh i just think Yana wanted a reason to draw Sebastian’s demon form feeling up Ciel yo.







i love how ciel momentarily forgets tigers are cats and just 100% trusts sebastian anyway like yeah that’s cool, i guess, he can’t be doing anything stupid, because he’s one hell of a butler, and he’d never do anything dumb in a moment like this, especially when we’re on a mission, and just has this whole complex internal monologue going on trying to decipher sebastian’s plans, but then the big loser just walks past joker and beast, because the one reason he volunteered was to pet the fucking cat. nothing else at all. this is kuroshitsuji, everyone.

xDD Indeed. I was more like: So Ciel and Sebastian…

But yeah, I like when Ciel is all like, yes he is my butler, he is a freaking demon, he always will follow my orders… and then Sebastian do something stupid/not of his liking. 

The double facepalming that come after that was the more epic of all. 





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